Ocean Guardian Project

Ocean Guardian School Project

Gault School has received an Ocean Guardian grant for its 5th year! These grants are awarded by NOAA to schools for projects which protect, restore and improve our Monterey Bay watershed and marine sanctuary. Gault students are working with local non-profit Groundswell to grow native plants in our Life Lab garden and transplant them to Seabright Beach State Park.

*”In Santa Cruz, the Gault School’s hands-on, community-based restoration project has enlisted students and volunteers to remove ice plant along the shores of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and restore the native coastal ecosystem to its natural beauty. In addition to removing the invasive plants, students are growing ten native species from seed and planting over 3,000 of these native plants in the restored sites. These newly planted coastal sites are already showing signs of positive changes with the increased presence of migratory birds and native pollinators like bees, butterflies.”

Gault students have had a chance to see their hard work pay off as their plantings are growing quickly and already attracting an increased diversity of native pollinators. This groundswell effort is an invaluable way to teach our children about coastal ecology, providing them the opportunity to participate in hands-on conservation as well as steward our coastal backyards.

*”The students’ Ocean Guardian School restoration project is being cheered on by the local community and visitors, and supported by a number of community partners including the City of Santa Cruz, Seabright Neighborhood Association, California State Parks, US Geological Survey, California Native Plant Society, Oikonos Ecosystem Knowledge, Patagonia, UC Santa Cruz, and the California Coastal Conservancy. In time, with the students’ focused efforts, the days of the invading ice plant may be numbered!”

Read more about how the Gault is making a huge impact in their neighborhood with Lisa Jensen’s article *Taking Back the Beach: Ocean Guardian Students Battle Invasive Species

Ocean Guardian School Project