At Gault all students K-5 enjoy enriching experiences in the visual arts. Our artist in residence, Vickie Gilbert, has an extensive background and training in her field giving our students an appreciation of the arts, as well as an opportunity to explore and develop their own talents. Vickie will share the elements of visual arts with your child. Students have the opportunity to draw, paint, watercolor, sculpt with clay and explore the various cultural connections found in art.

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Gault Elementary School offers music classes to 3rd, 4th and 5th grades. Through music class we learn to sing, play instruments and learn about music notation and music history via music videos and modern electronic media (traditional yet modern). We also arrange for special performances by professional musicians, dance troupes, and performers throughout the school year.

El Sistema Santa Cruz has two distinct programs: the kinder introduction to El Sistema and the pre-orchestra and orchestra program. Students from first grade to fifth grade attend El Sistema for 26 weeks, 4 days/week, 1½ hours per day. Students are met at the end of their school day by El Sistema teachers and gather for a healthy snacks. The pre-orchestra students then proceed to a circuit of ensemble vocals and musical games. They learn about the orchestra by creating playable instruments and listening to guest instrumentalists. Rhythm and pitch are taught through musical games.

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Life Lab

The Life Lab Program at Gault School is a K-5 hands-on science and nutrition program. All students visit the garden in small groups with their class two times a month during the school year. Lessons include scientific observation and illustration, science experiments, planting, growing, and harvesting seasonal fruits and vegetables, preparing foods and tasting.

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Ocean Guardian Project

Gault is one of four schools in Santa Cruz County to receive a NOAA Ocean Guardian School grant. These grants go to K-12 schools to implement hands-on school or community-based projects. Gault students are working with local non-profit Groundswell to grow native plants in our Life Lab garden and transplant them to Seabright Beach State Park.

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After School Enrichment and Safety

ASES is one of Gault’s after school programs, open to students in 2nd through 5th grade who would strongly benefit from a program focused on homework support, academic intervention, enrichment, and social skills support. Throughout the week students are supported in making progress on homework, and participate in such classes as writing, math, P.E., computers, art, community building and dance. A light snack is served at the start of every session. ASES runs every day from the end of the school until 6pm. Students attending ASES must commit to a minimum of five (5) days and fifteen (15) hours each week.

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