Campus Kids Connection (CKC)

Campus Kids Connection, Inc. provides quality, on-site child care programs in a safe, fun filled, and enriching environment for a diverse population of families in Santa Cruz County. We provide a variety of activities for children in a pleasant environment and assure that each child has an opportunity to practice a broad range of skills. These skills include, but are not limited to, problem solving, interpersonal communication, building positive self esteem, and conflict management. We feel these skills are essential for successful living in a rapidly changing society.

There is significant evidence mounting that where and how youth spend their time outside of normal school hours has important implications for their development. The children of Santa Cruz County and the surrounding community benefit from their involvement at Campus Kids Connection because they are in a safe and supportive adult-supervised environment that offers them various growth-enhancing opportunities, including activities and experiences that promote academic, personal, social and recreational development.

Campus Kids Connection, Inc. at Gault Elementary is an enriching after school experience where students in kindergarten through 5th grade can play and grow in a safe, comfortable environment. Our large classroom, expansive school yard, and personalized curriculum can accommodate many of your child’s needs whether they wish to draw, build, create, talk, act, read, play, or cook. We have thematic clubs that are designed around your child’s interests, as well as a daily homework club where teachers provide homework assistance. Here at Gault, we try to balance our program with quiet and loud activities, spending time both in and out of the classroom, all fueled by a healthy snack. Our supportive teachers have a vested interest in your child’s happiness and safety.

“Our daughter has been at CKC Gault for two years and we look forward to our son, currently at an excellent CKC PreSchool, joining her next year. As all working families do, before last year we faced so many challenges. We wanted the best possible care, no exceptions. CKC Gault has been the solution. We needed to know our daughter has loving, enriching, and activity-filled afternoons with exceptional teachers. I cannot thank them enough for the great experiences they give our children, as well as the peace of mind they give our family.” ~ Current CKC Family

Visit Campus Kids Connection’s website to get more information about signing up your child for their after school program at Gault.