Instructional Support Staff

Barbara Lawrence - Librarian

Barbara Lawrence - Librarian Although Barbara has been the librarian at Gault for 5 years, she has been part of the Gault Community for a long time. 25 years ago she did her student teaching at Gault and her boys, Aidan and Ryley, now teenagers, both attended Gault School. She attended UCSC for both her teaching credential and her BA (Environmental Studies and Urban Studies). She holds a Masters Degree in Library Science from San Jose State University. Her spare time is spent reading (of course), cooking, hiking, and traveling with her sons.

Ext: 1003

Meri Ancic - Library Assistant

Meri loves books and especially children's literature. When she's not reading she enjoys crafting, camping, hiking and playing hockey. She loves working at Gault and feels grateful to be part of such a great community.

Raven Graham - Response to Intervention (RTI) Coordinator

Raven Graham - Response to Intervention (RTI) Coordinator When not in the classroom she can be found out in the surf, riding the mountain trails, hanging with her friends and family or walking her dog.

Room 15, Ext: 1016

Alexis Vargas - Paraeducator

Alexis Vargas - Paraeducator I was raised in Watsonville. After high school I moved to Los Angeles where I studied art and photography, and worked at the Happiest Place on Earth (Disneyland). After that I decided to study commuications on linethrough Arizona State University. At Gault I help many students with reading and math. I love working here with such a phenominal staff and some of the best students!

Areli Lopez - Paraeducator

Areli Lopez - Paraeducator Areli has worked for SCCS since 2012. She has 4 children, 3 girls and 1 boy. She really enjoys puzzles, arts & crafts, going on hikes, taking pictures of nature, spending time with her famiy and so much more. She really loves watching her daughter play roller derby. She is on the all-star team and she's a jammer. She loves her job at Gault, all the staff she works with and the students are amazing!

Jocelyn Orellana- Paraeducator

Jocelyn Orellana- ParaeducatorI was born and raied in Los Angeles. I went to UC Santa Cruz and majored in Sociology with an Education minor. I have been working with Gault since January 2018 and have had the best time working here.  My goal is to get a masters in Education and become an elementary school teacher. In my free time I like to go to the beach cook or ferment things like kombucha, yogurt, tepache, etc. 

Simone Selder - Paraeducator

Simone Selder - Paraeducator Simone grew up in Southern California and went to university at UC Santa Cruz. Here she studied Biology with a major in Education. In her education classes and work with students at summer camps and tutoring, she discovered she enjoyed working with kids. Simone hopes to become an elementary school teacher and get her masters in Education. In her spare time, Simone trains for triathalons and hangs out with friends outdoors whenever she can.

Ana Goena - Special Ed

Ana Goena - Special Ed I'm a Watsonville local that loves all the silly things kids say. In college I studied Cultural Anthropology and Spanish, which is where I developed my passion for equity in education. At Gault I teach reading and provide support in classes - so I get to know many kids, lucky me!

Angela Manriquez - Learning Assistant

Angela Manriquez - Learning Assistant I was born and raised in the metropolitan area of Mexico City. I have two wonderful daughers and two beautiful grandchildren. I came to the United States 8 years ago. I live with my husband and two naughty cats. I got my degree in education in Mexico. I've been a teacher for the last 25 years and am studying to get my teaching credential so I can keep doing what I love. I spend my free time reading, listening to music and doing all kinds of crafts. The first job I got in California was at Gault six years ago, and I'm forever grateful for the trust they had in allowing me to be part of this beautiful family. I LOVE GAULT!

Maria Hernandez - Learning Assistant

Maria Hernandez - Learning Assistant I love to travel around the world and I have visited many places like Portugal and Poland. My passion is working with kids. I've been a teacher assistant for 24 years.

Pat Hurley - Learning Assistant

Pat Hurley - Learning Assistant Pat has been working in this district for over 30 years, first at Branciforte and now at Gault. She first taught high school English in Ohio before going overseas and teaching in DOD school in Germany and the Philippines. She especially enjoys teaching reading and watching children fall in love with reading as their reading skills develop. She also does hand-on energy work. She enjoys reading, meditating, qigong and hiking in nature.

Catherine Rodecker - Psychologist

As a School Psychologist for 15 years I'm passionate about designing environments for students to thrive academically and socially. I believe that it's our duty as educators to remove barriers to success that students and families face and promote equitable access to education. After 20 years of living in San Francisco and Oakland I couldn't be happier to have moved back to Santa Cruz with my family!

Room 13, Ext:1014

Janinee Ramirez - Counselor

Janinee Ramirez - Counselor My name is Janinee Ramirez and I'm orginally from Los Angeles California. I was an undergrad at the University of California Santa Cruz and I received my Masters and Pupil Service Credential from the University of San Diego. I've been working at Gault Elementary happily since 2012. I love working with children and my goal while working with children is to help.

Ext: 2008

Charlene Tumanut - RSP Specialist

Charlene Tumanut - RSP Specialist Charlene has worked in the field of special education since 2011 and joined the Gault family in 2018 as a Resource Specialist. On the weekends (and sometimes weekdays), you can find Charlene at the beach and on walks or hikes with her husband and son. Singing, dancing, reading, traveling, and spending quality time with loved ones also spark joy for Charlene.

Meghan White - RSP Tech

Meghan White - RSP Tech Meghan grew up in Aptos and has been working at Gault since 2015. She has a bachelor's degree from UCSC in language studies with a concentration in Spanish and is pursuing her Special Education teaching credential at CSUMB. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening and taking photos.

Donna Geffken - ASES

Donna Geffken Raised in Santa Cruz, community is important to me. Retired from owning a construction business, I fulfilled a dream of going to college and received my Bachelors in Social and Behavioral Science. Working with families and kids as Director of the After School Program, has given me the opportunity to serve as a positive role model and give back to my hometown that I have seen go through many changes. My spare time is time with family and my kids, running the local trails, cooking, reading, and watching any movie at the Nick.

Erica Schroeder - Life Lab

Erica Schroeder - Life Lab

Kat Burke - ELD Teacher

Kat Burke - ELD Teacher Kat grew up on the east coast but fell in love with California when she came west to get her Master's degree in TESON (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. She has taught students of all ages from elementary school through community college and has also worked as a teacher trainer. Teaching English as a Second Language, Bilingual Education, Spanish and working with students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing are the area she enjoys most! Gault holds a special pace in her heart and she feels very fortunate to work with students and families here. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, exploring nature, practicing yoga, being creative and spending time with loved ones.

Katie Anderson - Instructional Tech

Katie Anderson - Instructional Tech

Room 18, Ext: 1018

Linda Frisbey, MA, SLP-CCC - Speech

Linda Frisbey, MA, SLP-CCC - Speech Linda serves our community at Gault as a speech and language specialist, helping students who have disabilities in language, speaking, listening, and social skills. She has two sons who graduated from Santa Cruz City Schools, starting at Gault, attending Branciforte Middle School, and graduating from Harbor High School. She is a licensed speech language pathologist with a masters degree from San Jose State University. She has worked throughout the district with students of all ages and disabilities, but loves having her home base at Gault.

Room 12, Ext: 1013

Maritza Turpin - Resource Specialist

Maritza Turpin - Resource Specialist Maritza Turpin was born and raised in Trujillo, Perú. She moved to California in 1995. As an Educational Specialist she is the Bilingual Resource Teacher at Gault, where I serve students with mild to moderate disabilities in grades K through 5. She enjoys dancing Latin music and Zumba, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Room 18, Ext: 1019

Miran McPolland - Music Teacher

Miran McPolland - Music Teacher Miran holds a degree in music education from Wiallamette University and is Orff certified through the San Francisco International Orff Course. She has over a decade of experience in El Sistema inspired programs where she has taught everything from kindergarten general music to high school orchestra. When she is not teaching, she is performing on violin and viola.

Vickie Gilbert - Art Teacher

Vickie Gilbert - Art Teacher Our artist in residence, Vickie Gilbert, has an extensive background and training in her field giving our students an appreciation of the arts, as well as an opportunity to explore and develop their own talents. Vickie will share the elements of visual arts with your child. Students have the opportunity to draw, paint, watercolor, sculpt with clay and explore the various cultural connections found in art. Our arts committee also arranges for special performances by professional musicians, dance troupes, and performers throughout the school year.

Ziesel Saunders - Reading Coach

Ziesel Saunders - Reading CoachHi! I'm Teacher Ziesel and I love Gault School! I've taught a variety of age groups, from toddlers to college students, but the 17 years I've been at Gault teaching kindergarten, first grade, and second grade have been my most rewarding. Currently I'm the reading coach and work with students and teachers in every grade level. Reading is my passion! When I'm not working I spend time outdoors on long walks with my family and indoors cooking and eating delicious food.

Georgina Guzman - Food Services

Georgina Guzman - Food Services

Hello my name is Georgiana Guzman most of you know by my nickname Georgie,I was born and raised in Watsonville,CA. I have worked in the healthcare field for the last 17 years and also have been a food service worker for Santa Cruz City Schools district for the last 5 years.  I really love my job and being a part of Gault School.
I’m so proud to be serving healthy meals to our students and our community.

Kitchen Ext: 2005

Lucy Parks - PBIS Tech

Lucy Parks - PBIS TechHi my name is Lucy Parks. I am the PBIS behavior technician at Gault School. I was born and raised in Santa Cruz. Growing up both of my parents were educators so working at a school is something that I grew up seeing.

Mace Anderson - Playground Coach

Mace Anderson - Playground Coach

Moises Mena - Day Custodian

Moises Mena - Day CustodianMoises has worked at Gault for 11 years. He speaks Engish, Spanish, French and German. He has 2 children, a boy and a girl.  He likes to watch movies in French and also in German in his free time.

David Mena - Evening Custodian

David Mena - Evening Custodian