Front Office Staff

Amariah Hernandez - Principal

Amariah Hernandez
Ext: 2002

Over 30 years ago Amariah joined the Gault School community as a kindergarten student. Her mom was a teacher at Gault, her dad the Gault Home & School club President. Amariah attended B40-middle and Harbor High. She earned her degree in Public Administration at Santa Clara University and a Master’s at UCSC, then returned to Gault as a teacher. After teaching for more than 15 years she is now the principal. Gault has always been a part of Amariah’s extended family. She is married, has twin sons and loves to play, watch sports, read, and spend time with her family.

Ebby Dellamora – Principal's Secretary

Ebby Dellamora
Ext: 2000

Ebby is a native from Lima Peru. She’s been working for Santa Cruz City Schools since 1991. After working at different schools within the district, Ebby became the Principal’s Secretary at Gault in 2007. With a degree in Business Administration, Ebby enjoys incorporating the business and the human aspect of working at an elementary school where the best of both worlds fuse into one.

Victoria Barrientos – Community Coordinator

Victoria Barrientos
Ext: 2003

Victoria Barrientos is the School Community Coordinator at Gault, since 2012. She has been with the district 20  years, doing a variety of jobs: PIP Aid, Outreach worker for Healthy Families & Medi-Cal, and Homeless Liason for the District. Victoria has 4 daughters, 7 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. Something you might not know about Victoria is she dropped out of Spanish in high school. Little did she know that she would fall in love with the culture and the language several years after dropping out of her Spanish class. Her favorite things to do are: spend time with family, sew, do crafts, cook and read. Her grandfather’s best friend, since childhood, Frank Skinner, wrote the music to “Gone With The Wind”. Her grandfather also invented the operational clutch for the Ferris Wheel.

Naomi Weizman - Attendance 
429-3856 ext 2001